Grassland Express
maintains an extensive coverage throughout Peninsula Malaysia
Genting / K.Lumpur /  Malacca / Penang / Hatyai . . .
Grassland cares for you, always . . .

Luxurious reclining chairs designed according to ergonomic principles, fully adjustable for comfort when sitting or lying down.
Highly efficient dampers designed by experts make your journey a smooth and relaxed one.
Specially noiseproof set-up lowers noise volume to the minimum, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and peaceful trip
German manufactured electromagnetic retarders are constantly in action  for stable braking and stopping.
Fully adjustable electric footrest allows you to stretch your legs freely and relax at will
Equipped with spacious fully enclosed luggage racks meant for airliners, for your convenience in stowing personal luggage.
An experience of tranquility under the stars, with specially placed interior lighting
All seats are equipped with intelligent LCD console entertainment systems, presenting to you the best in both games and movies.
Personal lamps of original design, fully adjustable for the ease of reading
Professional air-conditioning servicing effectively clears all dust within and outside the vehicle, ensuring clean and fresh air.
High quality seat belts which are easy to use, yet extra safe
Low floor design with handrails for the convenience of boarding and alighting passengers.

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