1 For safety reasons, passengers must fasten their safety belts once the bus is on the highway.
2 Hotel vouchers and tickets / receipts are not transferable. If lost, the Company should be notified immediately
3 For Genting package:
(a) Maximum 4 persons sharing a room (Excluding First World Hotel);  
(b) No (Extra Bed) for 3rd/4th person sharing a room.
4 Date and time of and hotel cannot be changed.
5 Upon cancellation of the tour by passenger for any reasons whatsoever, no refund should be make for the tickets, hotel vouchers and hotel packages
6 (a) Passengers shall be responsible for ensuring the following:
      (i) Passport must have a valid period of more than 6 months from the date of entry into the destined country or countries of destination.
      (ii) Possession of an international passport.
      (iii) Necessary documents for immigration and customs clearance.
(b) The Company shall not be liable to refund the passenger the whole or any part of the payment for the tour package in the event the passenger is refused entry into for any reason whatsoever.  
7 The hotel voucher and two-way coach tickets are not refundable and will become invalid in the case of passenger deportation or refusal of entry by the immigration.
8 Passengers are responsible for their own visas / entry permits and other documents necessary for entering Malaysia or Singapore.
9 (a) The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the passengerís personal belongings and luggage (kept in the luggage compartment of the coach) during the entire journey.
(b) Passengers shall personally carry their belongings and luggage to and from the customs
(c) Passengers are advised to keep cash and valuables with them and shall not keep the same in the luggage kept in the luggage compartment of the coach.
10 Each passenger can carry not more than two bags, each not exceeding 10 kg in weight.
11 Passengers must check in half an hour before departure. All tickets / receipts / vouchers will become invalid and are non-refundable should passengers fail to board the coach at the stipulated time.
12 In the event of breakdown of Super VIP Coach the Company has the right to replace with other type of coaches.
13 Coach seating is arranged by the Company, any request for re-arrangement of seat(s) will not be entertained.
14 Bus toilets are for urinating only and not for passing motion.
15 Booking, Deposit and Payment:-
(a) A deposit of 50% of the total tour price shall be paid upon booking. The balance 50% of the total price shall be paid 14 days prior to departure.
(b) If booking is made less than 14 days prior to departure, full payment of the tour package shall be make. Failure to pay the balance 50% of the total tour price as stipulated in (a) above shall result in an automatic cancellation of the booking and forfeiture of the deposit.
16 The price paid to the Company is solely for the ticket and does not include any other costs. In the case of a package tour, the price paid to the Company is for the ticket and accommodation only.
17 The Company reserves the right to change the hotel accommodation, date and time, if due to unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to do so. The Company will endeavour to obtain a comparable hotel and the passengers will be informed in advance of the change. No refund of deposit or tour price shall be made by the Company.
18 The Company shall not be liable for any cost, expenses or damages whatsoever incurred or suffered by the passenger which arise from any of the following events:-
 (a) Acts of God, fire lighting, explosion, flood, inclement weather or accidents;
(b) National or local emergency, acts or omissions of any government or governmental authority or agency, insurrection, civil disorder, war or military operations;
(c) Industries disputes of any kind, strikes, lock-outs, stoppage or restraint of labour;
(d) Traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown, obstruction of any public / private road or highway;
(e) Accidents of any kind occurring during the passengerís independent activities;
(f) Theft, robbery or lost property;
(g) Food poisoning;
(h) Isolation as a result of infectious diseases or any condition likely to endanger the health or safety on the tour members or impair their reasonable comfort;
(i) Any cause beyond the reasonable control of the Company, the Travel Services and/or its principal(s);
(j) Any cancellation or alteration of the tour itinerary, hotel accommodation or tour services as a result of any of the aforementioned event or as a result of any decision, act or omission of the Company principal(s), their agents and servants or any of them. ont>
19 The Company and/or its associated agents act only in he capacity of agent for passengers in making all arrangements for transportation and accommodation. All receipts and tickets issued by the Company are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the supplier.
20 All terms and conditions mentioned above cannot be altered or waived except in writing the General Manager or Director of the Company.




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